Beginners to Advanced – Accounts & Finance Course


Beginners to Advanced – Accounts & Finance Course

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This course includes engaging presentations, course book and lesson quizzes/tests to reinforce the knowledge you are learning. It covers all aspects of financial record keeping for businesses including liabilities, financial statements and budgeting. Knowledge you will need in the real world.

Advanced Accounts and Finance Certificate

Advanced Accounts and Finance Certificate

If you are a business owner this course will show you how to setup and maintain not just the basic financial records needed to satisfy your legal requirement, it shows you how to glean business information from your accounts so that you achieve greater profits, how to create reports that matter, reports that either a business owner or employee can create to better manage all aspects of a business.

For current bookkeepers that are looking for advancement this course is Ideal.

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For people who require knowledge or improvement in double-entry bookkeeping and the production of basic financial statements or those whom want a stepping stone to progress to fully qualified accountants. You will acquire knowledge and understanding of all the basic principles of accounting and bookkeeping.

This course covers everything needed to enable you to input data to create Financial and Management reports.  Master the technical skills needed to analyse financial statements and create your own,

From the history of accounting to how to create your own spreadsheets, it is all here.

Journal Entries, Debit & Credit, Day Books, VAT, Profit & Loss, Balance Sheet, Management & Financial Ratios, Accruals & Prepayments, Depreciation, Bank Reconciliation and very much. All is explained with accompanying examples.

Included are step by step videos and presentations and including free spreadsheets. Whether you’re looking for financial or managerial accounting at basic or expert levels, this course covers it all.

No prior knowledge needed, even the maths required is included and explained, so you can use it to revise and get up to speed.

Also included is our very popular book on financial accounting.